Amphiptere, Amphithere, or Amphitere is a term used to describe a type of legless winged serpent found in European heraldry.


Ampitheares are one of the most restricted dragon species anatomily speaking. They can have either feathered or bat wings, long or short necks, and often decorative tails, and that's all of their main variations. Some ampitheare races do have other characteristics, but they aren't very major, and consist mainly of feather or scale size, head shape, body length and any neccisary adaptions for their environment.

Amphitheres in Popular Culture

The famous long-running Dragons toy line from Mega Bloks featured an evil amphithere named Gryndel, who, as a Shadow Dragon, fed on the life force of enemy warriors. His element was Aluminum.

Gallery of Amphithere pictures.

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