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Ancalong the Black was the mosr Powerfull of Winged Fire Drakes that has ever existed and Ancestor of all Winged Fire Drakes including Smaug the Last Fire Drake and Urgost the Last decendant of Fire Drakes.He was a enormus Titanic creation and deadly weapone of Dark Lord Morgoth againts Valar ( Morgoths former Archangle brothers ) who fought in War of the Wrath time in 1 Age of Arda ( Middle- Earth) in book Silmalarion trilogy Chapters created by J.R.Tolkien.
Glaurung the Father of all Dragons
Smaug the Last Fire Drake
Ancalong the Black
Ancalagon the black by skyrace-d7hemcm
Urgost Last decendant of Great Fire Drakes
Urgost 1
Fire Drakes
The hobbit the desolation smaug unleashing the dragon ma01
Cold Drakes
Midde Earth size and scale of Dragons:

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