Ciruelo Cabral (born July 20, 1963) is an Argentinian fantasy artist whose work focuses especially on dragons.


He started working as illustrator at age 18 for a graphic advertising company, and soon after doing comic front pages. In 1987 he moved to Spain where he drew fantasy books' covers and inner drawings for the Timun Mas publisher. Cabral then widen his horizons and made jobs for companies around the world, including United States, Germany, and Spain. He drew the covers of the Chronicles of the Shadow War Bantam trilogy written by George Lucas. He has also done music album covers, such as Steve Vai's The Seventh Song, and magazine covers for, among others, Playboy (magazine) and Heavy Metal magazines. His artwork can also be seen in the great illustrations of some Magic: The Gathering cards.

Ciruelo Cabral uses mainly Acrylic paint and oil painting, but also a number of other techniques (including his famous and distinctive paintings on rocks). He has published 4 books with his drawings: The Book of the Dragon (1990), Ciruelo (1990), Luz, the Art of Ciruelo (1997) and Magia, the Ciruelo Sketchbook (2000).