The Doofin dragon is often found in a corner trying to fly into the wall because it doesn't know any better. The Doofin dragon has NO idea about anything. All it knows is that it is SO hard to fly, it doesn't get any where. Oh and I forgot to mention it only has 4 little wings the size of a peanut. The Doofin dragon is rainbow coloured. It has 200 little legs with little feet the size of a screw. It has the head a size of a watermelon and its nostrils are as big as grapes. The Doofin Dragons body is the size of an airplane. The Doofin dragons egg looks like a peanut but is the shape of its mother but super small. Its is a blue, blackish. It takes 4 months for the egg to hatch. When it grows up it either tries to fly into a wall or fly into a tree, Until they knock it over, then they move onto another tree. and that is about it for the Doofin Dragon....... Remember keep an eye out in any corners or if you are walking through the woods. BEWARE! THEY AREN'T LOYAL

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