This is going to be the first dragon battle!

We have Shruikan the mountainous dragon from the Eragon series vs Balerion The Black Dread from Game of Thrones.

Shruikan is larger but slower, he is much stronger and can attack more efficiently. Balerion is smaller and faster and has a major agility advantage. Both are pitch black and both are huge. We are not including riders for this battle. Now the fire. Balerion's flame is black which makes you think it is super hot. its the exact opposite black is the coldest flame color. Shruikan fire was never named' so we'll assume it's normal dragon fire. Shruikan has four legs vs Balerion with two this means that Shruikan can fight in the air better. However Balerion has massive wings meaning he can manuever much better. Shruikan is insane and reckless in battle. he won't care about any injuries dealt to him. Balerion is not use to taking damage because he fought men not other dragons. therefore he would be more perceptible to pain.



size, strength, better attack, fire, ignores pain, experience


Reckless, slower, insane



speed, intellect, more carefull


extremely weak fire, smaller and weaker, is very perceptible to pain. hard to melee attack in air.

Ready, Set, Battle

Balerion makes a grab for Shruikan's neck, but gets batted away by his massive claws. Shruikan sends a massive jet of red/blue flame towards the enemy. Balerion avoids the attack with ease and heads for the dragon's wing. Shruikan sweeps his tail barely missing Balerion. Balerion lets loose a jet of fire of his own. Shruikan heads right into it. Balerion turns to leave after seeing no sign of Shruikan, but as he turns he is yanked down to earth by his tail. Shruikan had gone into the and gotten under the Balerion. Balerion claws, and bites, and spites fire to no avail. Shruikan ends the fight with a bite that almost decapated Balerion.

Shruikan wins!

Shruikan won because of his recklessness and Balerions weak fire. Shruikan just didn't feel the hits of the smaller dragon. Most of this comes down to experiance. Balerion has little to no experiance fighting dragons larger than he is. Shruikan has been fighting all kinds of dragons his entire life. Insane or not the fighting techniques were embedded into him. he knew exactly what to do.

If enough people comment for it I will make an alternate ending for Balerion. Also leave a comment on who you want to see fight next time.

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