Dragon Slayer Magic is a powerful magic related to the dragons
368px-Three Dragon Slayers (Anime)

Dragon slayers


Dragon Slayer magic was originally just Dragon Magic, as it was only learned by dragons. However, human mages were eventually taught this magic in order to kill dragons. Each dragon slayer uses their form of magic, just like each dragon is a master of their own element. A Dragon Slayer also has the ability to eat their own element; doing so also rejuvenates them. The users can transform the physiology of their body into those of a dragon. As a result of this, those with Dragon Slayer abilities are able to change their body to their own element in both offensive and defensive styles. They can consume external sources of their natural element to replenish their own energy. They are also naturally immune to the effects of their own element that came from both their own person and to those from other sources, but must consume it through their mouths if they are to actually absorb it into their bodies. Dragon Slayers also have a heightened sense of smell. Dragon Force is the final stage of Dragon Slayer Magic, though the exact conditions to invoke it are unknown. When Dragon Force is achieved, the Dragon Slayer's skin becomes scaly, similar to a dragon, and strength, speed, and magical abilities are enhanced, improving their combat capability significantly

There are three generations of Dragon Slayers, The First Generation, the true practitioners, who learn from dragons, The Second Generation, who have had Lacrima crystals implanted into themselves, although it is only an imitation of the actual Magic, and The Third Generation that's the combination of both previous generations. Dragon Slayer Magic has limitless functions in a parallel dimension called Edolas, and is valued as a priceless resource for everyday uses.

Dragon Slayer Magic comes at hefty price though. Using the magic enough will eventually cause the mage to turn into a dragon, though a few have been known to be able to shift between human and dragon form. The five modern dragon slayers who were raised by dragons avoided these side effects temporarily since their teachers lived on inside them, halting the process, though this is no longer the case.


First Generation

Dragon Slayers who have been raised by a dragon and been taught their abilities.

Second Generation

Dragon Slayers who have had Dragon lacrima implanted into their bodies.

Third Generation

This generation of Dragon Slayers have been raised by a dragon, been taught their abilities and have also had Dragon lacrima implanted into their bodies.

Dragon Slayers

Name Magic Dragon Teacher Style
Natsu Dragneel Fire Dragon Slayer Magic

Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic


N/A (transferred by Laxus Dreyar)

First Generation
Gajeel Redfox Iron Dragon Slayer Magic Metalicana First Generation
Wendy Marvell Sky Dragon Slayer Magic Grandeeney First Generation
Laxus Dreyar Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic N/A Second Generation
Cobra Poison Dragon Slayer Magic N/A Second Generation
Rogue Cheney Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic Unknown Third Generation
Sting Eucliffe White Dragon Slayer Magic Unknown Third Generation
Acnologia Unknown Dragon Slayer Magic Unknown First Generation
Irene Belserion Unknown Dragon Slayer Magic Belserion First Generation
God Serena Cavern Dragon Slayer Magic

Purgatory Dragon Slayer Magic

Sea King Dragon Slayer Magic

Gale Dragon Slayer Magic

4 Unnamed

N/A Second Generation

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