Dragons of Dragon Wars or D-War in 2007 South Korean Film are actully Giant Serpents from Hevean ,2 of them Good Imoogi and Evil Buraki competed of who will be chosen by a Yu Yin Yoo a person who has Heveanly Blue power to change a Imoogi into a Celestial Serpentine Dragon,but courropted Buraki wanted himself to become a dragon so he sent his Dark Atrox Demonic army and Lizard monsters to find her and slaughter all in City. After 2000 Years Buraki once again apears in USA Los Angles to once again find Yu Yin Yoo now Sarah Daniels but Eathan as protector falls in love with her but they are soon captured by Burakis forces but not before Good Imoogi comes to save them but Buraki snaps his neck but Sarah Daniels in her last atempt give her power to revived Good Imoogi who becomes Celestial Dragon and then kills and destroys Buraki.After that he and souls of Yin Yu Yoo ascend upon Hevean.Good Imoogi has Blue-White color of his Serpent body while Evil Buraki has Green-Black color of his body.
Good Imoogi aka Celestial Dragon
Celestial Dragon
Evil Serpent Buraki

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