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Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons is a book on the science of 'Dragonology'. It was first published in 2003, and was re-published in 2006. It is written in a 19th Century style. This is because it is supposedly based on a rare book published in 1896. This book's front cover is red with European Dragon flying over a village inside a circle that is surrounded by another European Dragon. The supposed author of this book is "Dr. Ernest Drake".We do not know if he actually existed or not. He is supposed to be part of the "Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists" (S.A.S.D.).

Other Books


The Iceland Wrym

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A Field Guide to Dragons


Sets, Games, and Toys

DragonologyHatchA card game

Dragonology: Hatch

  • Dragonology: The Board Game
  • Dragonology: Hatch
  • Series 1 Dragon Toys
  • Series 2 Dragon Toys
  • Miniature Dragon Toys
  • Dragonology: Code-Writing Kit
  • Dragonology: Tracking and Tamming Dragons 1: European Dragon Book and Model Set
  • Dragonology: Tracking and Tamming Dragons 2: Frost Dragon Book and Model Set
  • Dragonology: Field Guide to Dragons
  • Obscure Spells and Charms of Dragon Origin: A Dragonology Kit
  • Upcoming Dragonology Video game for the Nintendo DS, Wii and PC
  • Annual Dragonology Calendars

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