The first book in the Dragonlance series.


  • Tanis, the half-breed leader of the group
  • Caramon, the thick skulled warrior brother of Raistlin
  • Raistlin, the frail young mage of red robes; brother of Caramon
  • Sturm, Knight of Solamnia
  • Goldmoon, an exiled Que-shu barbarian princess
  • Riverwind, Goldmoon's massive bodyguard
  • Flint, an elderly dwarf fighter
  • Tasslehoff, an eager kender who always gets in trouble
  • Bupu, a gully dwarf that falls in love with Raistlin
  • Tika, a bartender at the Inn of the Last Home
  • Gilthanas, elven step-brother of Tanis
  • Verminaard, Red Dragon Highlord controlling Pax Tharkas