Dragons of Magic Dimension and of Earth chould be great decendants of Great Dragon Creator of Magix Dimension,beacuse he was First known dragon in existance of Winx Club Univeres.There are European Wild ,Chiness Serpentine,Herbivour,Red Fountine,Elemental Ice,Rock or Fire and Spirtual Purple,Ice or like Dragon Flame dragons.Elemental Rock or Fire,Herbivour and Wyvern dragons are located on dragon Planet of Pyros while Winged or European Wilde Dragons are located in Magix or Alfea the Chiness Red and Green are located on Earth in China near Great Wall.The Red Fountine dragons are located in Fortress Red Fountine in Magix Planet Captical Center of Magic Dimension of Winx Univeres.And Ice elemental dragons are located in Omega Dimension beyond Magic Dimension a place of Cold Ice wasteland Prison for Worste Criminals.
European Wilde
Wilde Dragons
Chiness Serpentine Elemental
Icy's dragon
Ice Elemental Dragons
5 Headea Dragon Gurdian of Dragon Flame Vortex
Elemental dragon
Herbivour dragons
Herbvour dragons
Green dragons
Baby Elemental dragon
Baby dragon
Spirtual dragons
Stormy's dragon
Red Fountine dragons
Red Fountain Dragons2

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