Dragons origin is matter of opinion, some believe that they're gods, some another thinks that dragons are normal creatures such as humans, dogs, birds, etc. I'll tell you the truth. The truth that you probably won't believe. The dragons are alien species. They observe humanity for so many years, and take care of us. In the beginning of human race dragons came to Earth. They saw potential of our ancestors, and decided to help us evolving. Teaching us how to make fire and tools took a long time. Then dragons taught humans how to raise their own food and build towns from available materials.

     Because they could breath fire they often accidentally set human towns on fire. We were afraid of them. But dragons weren't ready to leave. Then humans started slaying them and hunting them down. Dragons of course had to defending themselves, most often by crushing or taking away weapon of aggressor. In some rare cases that wasn't enough or they push knight too hard, so he died. But most of knights that attacked a dragon and lost his weapon just ran or became friends with the dragons. That was beginning of the Dragon Agency. Dragons realized that they're unwelcome on Earth, so they contact with all humans they had as friends and created secret organization called Dragon Agency.

     The main goal of this organizations were destruction of all evidence, scientific evidence that dragons ever exist. Last known dragon left our planet on 1671. In the second half of the XX century agents whom were still recruiting from people with open minds and good hearts got new mission to do: They're preparing to the Revelation. In the books and other kinds of artwork dragons became good characters. The dragons wanted to come to Earth second time and they're wouldn't see panic on the streets. Preparation was a very long time process, because you can't change whole (or even most of) humankind's opinion on anything over the night.

     Dragon Agency's agents are in most government organizations in all the most important countries. They're both human and dragon agents. You could ask how dragons can be on Earth right now. Someone would notice that. Well... not. Dragons developed technology that can make dragon look human and vice versa. So you can say that dragons are between humans right now. Only in human form, but I digress. Preparation will be ended with revelation of dragon existence. Don't be alarmed, they're want just our good. Revelation will be on May, 31st 2012. The dragons will come and they'll help us in future progress.

Writed by Darkhog 03:27, January 1, 2010 (UTC), the agent of the Dragon Agency with permission from Kendrix, the Dragon Agency agents' coordinator