Drobot is a Tech Element Dragon, that serves as a Skylander to protect Skylands from villains such as Kaos.



Drobot is a toy you can buy from places such as GameStop and other places and use in any one of the Skylander games.


Drobot, unlike his fellow dragons who enjoyed flying through the air and playing their dragon games, liked tinkering with metal and creating things. One day, he came across metal of a mysterious alloy, and used it to create armor for himself, which included laser beam eyes, flight, and metal shurikens that he could launch using his wings. He also could talk in deep voice using some sort of voice enhancer.

He uses his new armor and abilities for the good of Skylands, to protect them from Kaos and aid his fellow Skylanders and Master Eon to keep their home safe.



Drobot has a deep crush on her, but hasn't let on to her of his feelings yet.

(There are no sources to support this, only Drobot x Whirlwind pics on google/bing.)

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