This is a board game, currently in the prototype stage, aiming at living the duality of good and evil in a heroic-fantasy setting, aka Dungeons & Dragons or Dungeon Keeper 2. Players lead Sunland Surface heroes going downstairs to do dungeon crawling and, at the same time, in the dungeon level, players manage a menagerie of monsters from the point of view of the dark lord, dreaming to raid the Surface. You will dig tunnels, build rooms, mine Gold and Food, install traps /doors /bridges, research Dark Lords' spells, manage the needs of your monsters, have them fight and earn experience. Modules detail the rare earth, battle system, permanent handicaps, a skirmish mode, evil/good quests, traitor(s) among the righteous team, magic and vampire cards, 600+ equipment jumbo cards. Monsters include 6 types of dragons, cyclops, dark angel, lindworm, spawn, black knight, troll, orc, elf, dwarf, many types of undead. The goody-two-shoes have an array of noble Landlords, paladins, shiny knights, fairies, monks, down to the villager, tramp, child and even baby. All creatures have an unique original array of Talents and Powers, from Easter Egg hunt, to Black Hole, lightning, fire, mind abilities, seduction, freeze, cobweb, life drain, healing, trample, radioactive hazardous materials, poison, winds. The map is based on 3x3 squares forming a Tile.

Each player Dark Lord starts with 1 Imp in her /his Throne Room (to dig and build) and 1 Dungeon Portal Room in hand (to attract Creatures). The map lay out develops from a neutral central Black Well all the while each Throne Room expands up to reaching the borders of others and the Black Well, only stable connection between the Sunland level and the underground.

Creature DragonFire Abraxas

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