Dwarf Dragons (Draco parvulus) may be the smallest of dragons but they are full of character. They are easily tamed, make good pets, can carry objects three times their own weight and have a tendency to steal small shiny objects.


They are 6 to 12 inches long and 1 foot high. Colouration is bright blue with pale blue underparts, the adults developing red eyes. They live in hives of several hundred ruled over by a queen. To survive an attack, throw sequins in the air. The shiny objects may distract them, enabling you to make an escape. The eggs are bright red and chicks will not leave the hive until they are fully grown.



  • Although they live on the tundra of Canada and Siberia, one was seen being chased out of the territory of a Jaculus in Monsterology.
  • One famous dwarf dragon was Flitz, pet of Ignatius Crook. Well, Crook thought that. He was actually owned by Alexandra Gorynytchka.