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Elemental Dragons

The offspring of Gaia, the Elemental Dragons are the lords of the Terrestrial Bureaucracy, responsible for overseeing its hierarchy of spirits. Like most gods, the Dragons have become decadent and self-absorbed in the time since the end of the First Age. The Elemental Dragons seldom inquire into the state of their subjects, and the Terrestrial spirits ignore their duties more and and become more independent with each year that passes. The Immaculate Order venerates the Elemental Dragons as the Immaculate Dragons, the apotheosis of spiritual development and the lords of Creation.

Elemental Dragons

The five Great Elemental Dragons are:

  • Mela––Dragon of Air
  • Pasiap––Dragon of Earth
  • Hesiesh––Dragon of Fire
  • Daana'd––Dragon of Water
  • Sextes Jylis––Dragon of Wood

Other Elemental Dragons are:

  • Storm Dragon
  • Lava Dragon
  • Magma Dragon
  • Energy Dragons
  • Ice Dragon
  • Rock Dragon
  • Astral Dragon

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