An Ender Dragon, Fanart

Ender Dragons were powerful dragons that resided in a dark realm known as the End, populated by Enderman.


The End is a bleak realm that holds homadge to a single floating island populated by Enderman and the Ender Dragon. As far as we know, there is only one End per world, but it is rumored that there are several portals in a world, but greatly spaced.


Ender Dragons had a weak breath weapon; namely the ability to fire small bursts of hot flame from their mouths. However, they were powerful with magic. They could radiate an immensely powerful magical field that could, at short range, destroy almost any substance completely, leaving no trace and releasing no energy. Exceptions to this rule were End stone and some igneous rocks, the materials the End consisted of. The Dragons'bodies were made of End-material, meaning the dragons could pass straight through any block they couldn't damage. Ender Dragons ranged in size from 12 meters up to 100 meters in length. Much like the Ender-Men, their bodies contained hardly any biological components, making them negligibly senescent (biologically immortal). Ender Dragons very rarely bred, and only ever produced a single egg at a time. These eggs were of great value.


Ender Dragons had no sense of time, since they were biologically immortal. They would wonder the eerie realm of the End for millenia. Ender Dragons, although they had territories, made no lair since they never required rest or sleep. They were constantly in flight above their End-island. They also didn't hoard treasure.

Ender Dragons were incredibly aggressive and arrogant, but also very protective of the Ender-Men they ruled over, perceiving any intrusion into their territory, voluntary or otherwise, not only as a personal affront but a threat to their minions.


They preferred to fly high into the black skies of the End, were they would be almost invisible, and then ambush intruders. Ender Dragons were extremely hard to kill, and are immune to weapon enchantments, fire, lava and drowning (which really makes sense, because they can fly out and destroy any block that isn't End Stone, obsidian and bedrock). But one of the most annoying features is the Ender Crystals found on top of the obsidian pillars around the End island. These crystals heal the Ender Dragon, and explode when you attack them. It's best to fire at them with a bow and arrow from a distance so that you don't take damage. In Xbox 360 Edition, two of the crystals are protected by iron bars, which count as a solid block so you can't fire arrows through them.

Behind the Scenes



The Ender Dragon is a boss from the game Minecraft. It resides in an eerie realm known as the End, populated by Enderman. The end is separate from the rest of the world, and can be accessed via a portal found underground in a fortress.

The Dragon is hard to kill. It had 100 hearts of health (10 times more than the player) and does 5 hearts of damage (it can kill an unprotected player in 2 hits). The Dragon is also constantly being healed by the crystals on the obsidian towers, and so these have to be destroyed before the dragon can be killed.

The Dragon can fly through any blocks in the game, and with the exception of obsidian, bedrock and end stone, deletes those blocks in the process.

The Ender dragon can launch purple fireballs in the X-Box 360 version of the game.

All Ender Dragons are females due to the fact they lay eggs when they are killed

Tips for staying alive

Although the Ender Dragon seems impossible to defeat, and if you go in unprepared it will be, if you do go in prepared you may be able to scrape by. But with some extra knowledge by your side you can breeze through it and collect the prize without losing your breath.

1- Beds. This unlikely tool can be the Ender Dragons demise. Since The End has no day or or night, the bed will react in a useful way in the End. Simply place one down, wait for the dragon to come close enough, and then right-click on the bed as if you want to sleep, and the bed will explode.

2- Best of the Best. Wear diamond armour for the best chance of survival, and bring a diamond sword with you to.

3- Spare Parts. Bring at least one extra on everything. An extra set of armour, an extra sword and an extra bow. Remember to bring plenty of arrows to (at least 2 stacks)

4- Pumpkins. If you want to keep the Enderman at bay, wear a pumpkin on your head so they won't attack you when you look at them. It may obscure your vision, but it could be the difference from life and death.

5- Dirt, Pistons, and a lever. If you want to collect the prize of the Ender egg, you'll need something to build your way around and up to it. Since it teleports away whe you attack or attempt to place a block directly on top of it, you'll need to contain and basically crush it. First, put dirt blocks (or whatever else you have, as long as it isn't sand or gravel) around 3 sides of the egg. Then put a piston in the empty space facing towards the egg, and the a lever behind it. Flick the switch on, collect your prize and through the portal to home you go! Though be carefull when placing it, because it will still teleport in the Overworld.

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