Eragon Cover

Eragon is the first book in the Inheritance series and was also made into a movie in 2006. Eragon is the story of a farm boy, Eragon, and his dragon, Saphira.


The book starts with a Shade with 12 Urgals hide. Soon, 3 elves come, the middle one carrying a dragon egg. Then the shade attacks. The guards get killed. The shade orders to capture the elf with the egg. He then lights up 1/4 mile of the forest. The Urgals and the Shade soon trap her. She then took out the egg and teleported it.

Eragon, a sixteen-year-old farm boy and the main character of the Inheritance series, is out hunting in the Spine, an explosion happens right in front of him and a dragon egg, looking like a large precious gemstone at the time, appears. He then takes it home. He shows it to his uncle Garrow and his cousin Roran. When the traders come, Eragon and Garrow show it to one called Merlock, who specializes in jewelry. Merlock says it's the hardest thing he's seen and it's hollow. It puzzles them. When it hatches in the middle of the night a week or so later, he hides the dragon. He secretly takes care of the dragon. Eragon asks Brom about dragons and dragon names. When he recites the names, Saphira "clicks" and is officially the dragon's name. King Galbatorix finds out about her and sends the Raz'ac to capture Eragon and Saphira. When Saphira is finally large enough to ride, her maiden voyage with him aboard saves him from the Raz'ac's wrath, which kills his uncle, but since his cousin Roran is away at a mill, he still has some family, if not very close. Eragon goes back to his hometown to heal after Saphira left him with two scraped legs.



  • Third-best-selling children's hardback book of 2003
  • Second-best-selling paperback of 2005
  • New York Times Best Seller List for 121 (nonconsecutive) weeks