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Fellbeasts are Snake long head Wyverns that arent realy releated to Fire Drakes or Cold Drakes but its asummed that they were created by Dark Lord Sauron and they breath a poision on there enemys,plus they are 2 fastests creatures of Middle Earth ( 1 are Eagles ).They have only apeard in Lord of The Rings 2 The Two Towers and 3 Return of The King live Action movie directed by Peter Jackson.Fellbeasts are rided only by 9 Nazgul and are described every time by Inhabitans of Middle Earth as monstrous creatures that spread Fear and Terror.There is a possibilty that they are close cousinis to Wyrm long worm dragons like Scatha the Wyrm long worm dragon.Witch King of Angmar rided his Fellbeasts to battle in Minas Thirit when he confronted Gandalf the White and when his Fellbeats attcked Rohan King Theodens horse but was beheaded by Eoweyn neice of King Theoden and its Master the Witch King destroyded by Eoweyn.

Witch King on his Fellbeast

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