The Great Dragon in Winx Club Univeres is Creator of intire Magic Dimmension and its center Capital Magix.He is also creator of Good magic and magical beings in that Dimension his evil counterpart is Dark Pheonix aka Darkar wich represents Chaos and Evil so 2 of them need each other in a balance.The Great Dragon after he created an brought Life to Magical Dimension he took planet of Dominio as his resting place his Dragon Flame is all thats left of his esence ,it has been guarded by Royal family of Kingdom of Domino such as Daphne and Bloom daughters of King Oretel and Oueen Marion.Lord Darkar brought fort his servants 3 Ancestral Witches and there son Valtor to take Dragon Flame so that he chould find Ancient Ultimate Power in Relix Dimension using Codex.Ancestral Witches in battle with Company of Light lead by King Oretel and Oueen Marion tryded to imprison Witches in there birth place of Dark Obsidian realm but the Wave of Negative energy that was realeased it impirsiond all inhabitants and there Rulersof Dominio into Obisidian realm into stone and Kingdom of Domino was frozen wasteland.But Dragon Flame survied inside Blooms Spirit and Soul so its Source of her Magic.The Great Dragon ( Order,Life ) and Dark Pheonix ( Chaos,Death ) were both born on The Beginning of Time the only other being that can eaguel there power is Beast of the Depths and Water Stars,they are Stars located in Golden Kingdom beyond Magic Dimension placed beacuse if Dragon Flame and Water Stars whould ever clash it whould creat Chaos in intire Dimension ,plus they are the only thing that can extingush Dragon Flame forever.
The Great Dragon Dark Pheonix Water Stars
Dark Pehonix
Great Dragon ( Winx Club series )
Water Stars
Beast of the Depths
Beast of the Depths

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