There are many stories of myths and legends, but there has always been one that was never told. And I shall release it to the world.

Long ago, before man, before beast, even before plants there was only one being... A Lung dragon that had a gleaming golden coat that reflected the suns beatiful rays. He watched over the earth for centuries, He saw the first plant, the first creature... The first human. As time past he began to grow old and knew he could no longer protect this world but in his dying wake a new threat began to rise. As humans began to create a lust of greed, these things that are now known as "shadows" form and spread chaos and death, the biggest and darkest of them all was given the name of the Shadow Lord as it seemed to control all other shadows. The great golden lung knew this evil must be kept at bay, so with the last of his strength he created six new Demi-gods to protect the lands (each given a element from the earth). The first was a Japanese dragon with a blue coat and tiffs of fur, was given the power over the wind. The second was a Phoenix with a beautiful burning red coat, was given the power of fire. The third was a serpent that had glossy greenish-blue scales, and of course was given the power of the seas. The fourth was a dog with a brown coat with little white spots, it was given the power over the ground of earth. The fifth was a beautiful and shy Kirin, and was given the power over nature such as trees and plants. The sixth was a powerful Thunder Bird but did have aggression issues, and was given the power of thunder and lighting.

These six were each given the power of reincarnation as well so they may live as long as there are shadows lurking about. When this was completed the golden lung became no more and faded away. Standing tall was the six as they began their war over the shadows. But as time grew their presents could become noticed, so they took the forms of humans themselves and watch over all humans to make sure that everything is balanced. Many problems today have become a little overwhelming for the gods as man is slowly destroying the world their master so desperately tried to keep safe. But as long as they stick together, they will stop at nothing to protect what rightfully belongs to every creature on the planet.

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