The Hungarian Horntail is the most dagnerous breed of dragon in the Universe of Harry Potter.

This dragon resembles a giant, black lizard with yellow eyes and bronze horns. It attacks with its flames which reach up to 15m in length, and its giant flexible tail, which is barbed with long, hard spikes. Those bronze spikes are used by hatchlings to crack the shell of the eggs.

The Hungarian Horntail prefers humans as prey, but would also feed on other mammals if humans are to hard to get.

Appearances in the Harry Potter Books

While competing in the Trimagic Tournament, Harry Potter managed to dodge the flames of a Hungarian Horntail that was chosen as his enemy, but the dragon succeded in hitting the wizard with its tail and injure his shoulder. Yet, Harry managed to steal the golden egg that the dragon was guarding.


While the dragon on the book-cover was a Western Dragon, they redesigned it into a Wyvern for the movie. J.K. Rowlings Homepage Pottermore still depicts it as a Western Dragon.

Concept art from the artbook Harry Potter - The Creature Vault show early designs as Western Dragon, but later the decided on a wyvern-design that's close to birds of prey.

The tail was planned to be used in a manner similar to a scorpion's tail and also look like one.


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