A low quality recreation of when the dragon scale was found

      The Incognito dragon is the most elusive dragon in the world. One scale has been found that has been assumed to belong to the Incognito Dragon. The scale found was crystal clear with a metallic shine underneath, making it look irridescent. Countless adventurers and dragonologists have viewed the mystical irridescent scale and taken note for their travels, yet none have found a perfect match. The scale was found by a riverbed in 1806. It has been preserved in the National Museum of Reptiles in Brazil. A small sample of the scale was taken in 1994 and it revealed small flakes of silver and gold were embedded into it's structure, giving it it's irridescent hue. There is genetic information  inside of the scale and scientists are currently working on recreating the creature with new scientific techniques like artificial impregnation into another dragon. If done correctly, it should produce a perfect clone of the dragon.