Lich dragon

Lich Dragon

All good things must come to an end......but some dragons find that rather dull, so they like to stick around even after their natural end has come and gone. Meet tha dragon lich, he's big, he's bad, and he may or may not be falling apart. Depending on how old the dragon is when he died, or how long he has been undead. Dragon liches often become more powerful as they age. This unique species varies from a rotting zombie, an animated dragon skeleton with dead flesh dangling from the bones, or simply a dragon ghost. Most dragon lich's are recorded to be a ghost or a zombie-ish dragon. Most people who meet up with a dragon skeleton never live to tell the tale. Dragon liches are often more powerful in the magical arts than dragons that are alive. However, not all dragons perfer to be dead just so they can become even more powerful. Though the dragon lich is still a dragon, their wings are often torn and most are unable to fly. Though it is unknown as to whether a lich dragon can breathe fire.

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