Liliy Page is a Shapeshifting dragon and daughter of Maleficant ,she has only apeard in season 4 of ABC Disney Tv Show series ONCE UPON a TIME in Storybrook.

Her mother Maleficant stated and tolled her that she got pregnat with Liliy while she was in her True dragon form so , an unknown male European dragon that was killed by Prince David Charming in Season 1 Episode 6 Shepard beacuse her True dragon form is exactly indentical as Maleficants European dragon form.

She was born in past of Enchanted Forest but was stolen by Snow White and Prince David Charming so that Apreanntice chould absorb from baby Emma Swan ( daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming ) all Darkness and channel it into Liliy after that she was send into unknown portal.

But she apeard in present day wthout any memory of who she is ,but soon Emma Swan found her and Maleficant was once again reunited with her daughter and 2 of them left Storybrook,they are still alive in the ABC Disney Tv Show.
Lilys Father
Lilys Father
ONCE Upon A Time ABC Disney live action Tv Show Series
Once upon a time forward
European female dragon
Maleficant dragon Form
this dragon is souposedly Lilys Father because both Maleficant and Liliy are European Shapeshifting dragons and Malefican tolled Liliy that she dosent know who Liliys father is and that she got pregnat in her True dragon form and this is only male European dragon that has apeard in ABC Disney Tv Show ONCE UPON a TIME Season 1 Episode Shepard ,and was killed by Prince David Charming so he is dead
Mother of Liliy Page Soupesed Father of Liliy Page
alive dead and killed by David Charming in Season 1 Ep 6

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