Night Flyers are a species of dragon that tend to (as the name implies) to fly at night, especially on foggy nights when light from torches is less visible. They are quite violent and are sometimes referred to as the Black Dragon (Death-Bringer).


The size of the Night Flyer can range from 12' 70" to 10'40". The young are usually 6' 57". Their scales are as black as night, their eyes are red. Their wing span is sometimes longer then their body. Their claws and teeth are long and sharp.


Habitat & Behavior

The habitat of the Night Flyer varies from mountains, to volcanos, to deep caves.

Night Flyers are skilled hunters and are quite adept at flight. Their flight pattern is always changing. They can foresee danger and can react accordingly. They are quite devious and are not particularly trustworthy. Their scales are as black as night, which allows them to blend in with their surroundings, be it black mountain or volcano rock, or even the darkness of night, they can swoop down on you and gobble you whole without a second thought.

Food Source

Night Flyers are carnivorous, their main food consisting of sheep, cattle, fowl, and occasionally an unfortunate manling.

When none of the above are present or around, these cruel beasts will devour their own young, and/or other dragons when the moment arises.


Night Flyers are very prideful and vain of their appearances, and always clean themselves daily, especially after a meal. They are also very arrogant, and view themselves highly as kings and lords, ruling over man and dragon with an iron fist and potent fire. They treat others with low regard and their slaves they hold in contempt.


Many, many years ago, there was a time when the land of Armendelle was, in fact, ruled by the Night Flyers. Great kings bowed to them, and men and women trembled at their presence. No one could stand up to them, and all who did, were easily quenched by these beasts fire. It wasn't until a powerful king arose who drove the Night Flyers out of the land, one by one, back to the volcanic rock they called home.


  • Their scaly skin is double layered and hard to penetrate.
  • They breath red fire.
  • They are very strong and fast.


  • Weapons made of steel formed from lava of a volcano can break through their scaly hide.
  • The sword of the King who drove them out of Armendelle can also pierce their hide.

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