The Ninja Tribunal ( formely in past known as 4 Dragons )are 4 members of Higest Ninja Warriors who are bound by honor to stop Tengu Demon Shredder and they can manifaste there Spirit avatar so that they can become Dragons and to fight Tengu Demon.

Over the years and centuries they taught many warriors to fight againts Shredder and his Dark monster minions but only Ninja Turtels possesd rare Dragon Spirit avatars that can defeat and destroy Shredder and so they did,in the Ancient Past of Japan the Emperor called out his best Warriors:Hishomi,Kon,Chikara,Juto and Oroku Saki saying this Warriors are Japans last hope againts Tengu giant Demon,the Emperor gaved them special armors protected by sacreat talismans and so they went to confront this Evil. Ninja Tribunal were 4 member Ninja Warriors: Hishomi,Juto,Kon and Chikara that in Ancient Times of Japan fought againts Tengu Demon and after that by changin into there Spirit Dragon avatars they battled there former brother Oroku Saki aka Demon Tengu Shredder and defeated and impirsond him in a Seald Sarchapagous and protected it from every Evil being or creature beacuse they knew that Shredder will one day rise and rule the World with his Darkness,so over centuries and years they slected few Noble candinates and taught them High Ninja martial art and how to manifaste there Spirit avatars but there Greatest students were Ninja Turtels who possesd rare Dragon avatar Spirits with wich they defeated Shredder forever.Chikara in her Dragon avatar Form.Kon in his Dragon Avatar Form.Juto in his Dragon avatar Form.Hishomi in his Dragon avatar Forms.

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