Red Dragon is Biblical Satan aka Lucifer First former Archangle that rebeled againts Creator beacuse he became Evil and started courropting to other Angles and Civil War in Hevean ,thus after he was cast down into The Pit by Archangle Micheal he then took his Vengance upon Gods most precious Creations his children Humans,thus after Satan in his form of a Serpent he decived Adam and Eve to sin he emidiatly gained dominion over them but also of intire Humanity and became Satan who is Source of All Evil,Father of Lies in Christian belife and mortal enemy of God the Creator in Christiany Religion.Also his aliases the Red Dragon with 7 heads with horns is men

Red Dragon,Antichrist and Beast.

tiond in along his other name like Serpent of Old,Devil in Bible so its can be asumed that word Dragon comes from Latin Draconus or Draco that comes from early Bible words.It is said in Bible that Satan Duke of this World will take the form of Red Dragon with 7 heads and will along AntiChrist the False Prophet and the Beast decive most of Humanity and marked them with his symbol of Kingdom of Darkness aka Mark of Beast that isnt somekind computer chip no, its rather if a person is willing to die for Faith in Christ or kneel before Antichrist.After that he will be set free upon the World in wich he will rule alongside his demons for 3 Long Years after that God will cast Red Dragon ( Satan ),Beast,Antichrist,demons and dammed ebil souls into Lake of Fire thus Finaly destroying the Evil of Satan Forewer after that New Earth and New Jerusalem will be created.Its is proven that all Myths,Legends and Stories about Dragons may come from this Red Dragon ( Satan) in Bilbe.

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