The Space Bat Angel Dragon is a very rare species of dragon from Ted Hughes' short story "The Iron Man". It lives up in outer space, sings the Music of the Spheres, and feeds off of any solid or liquid matter. In appearance, this dragon has feathers, fur, scales, spikes, horns, thick muscular legs, gigantic leathery wings, and an armor made of jewels in its skin. A Space Bat Angel Dragon can grow about the size of Australia. They travel very swiftly in space using their gigantic wings. They are normally peaceful, but in the story The Iron Man by Ted Hughes one of these giants landed on earth and threatened to devour all life and artificial structures.

The Iron Man challenged it to lie on a burning surface and survive the longest. The Iron Man lay on a metal bed with fire, and the dragon had to flatten itself on the sun. The dragon, however, had limited amount of time of fire resistance, and so submitted when he landed after two trials, severely burned. He became the Iron Man's slave and explained he wanted to join in the battle that was happening on earth. Then he tells of the mysterious music of the Spheres that can cure war and create peace, and the Iron Man's only order is to sing the song and let peace settle on earth.

These dragons are very unknown to earth and are hard to see, as they are gigantic compared to earth.

Not many people know of this dragon at all.