Sunny is a Dragonet of Destiny and is daughtor of Thorn and Stonemover in Wings of Fire. She has yellow scales and gray green eyes. Sunny is known for having a happy personality and was the POV for The Brightest Night. The Talons of Peace member: Dune, stole her egg from her mother Thorn to fullfill the Prophecy. Thorn was leader of The Outclaws which were a group who were in charge of the Scorpion Den. Only Dune and Thorn knew where the egg was and when Dune stole it Thorn was furious and made Wanted signes of him all over the Scorpion Den. Thorn quit the chase when Sunny came to her and told her that he was killed by Queen Scarlet. 

She was once captured by the three NightWing dragonets Feirceteeth, Preyhunter and Strongwings. Preyhunter brought Sunny to Queen Thorn thinking that Thorn will bring Sunny to Burn and Preyhunter and the dragonets will get money or be allies with Burn, but Thorn was against Burn and in her anger she killed Preyhunter. Soon she figured that Sunny was her daughtor and told her that her father was the NightWing Stonemover. 

Sunny then went to Jade Mountain where she met her father and learned about his history: Stonemover helped the NightWings and made the animus touched tunnels which led to the SandWing and RainWing Kingdom. While making the tunnels he met Thorn and they fell in love. But one day Stonemover dissapeared and Thorn never saw him again. But he dissapeared because he used too much of his powers and his scales started to turn strange and he's slowly "turning into stone". He has a fox named Dinner who gives him food as he slowly diminishes inside Jade Mountain. 

Thorn at the end met Stonemover again and they had a little chit chat. 

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