The Princess from Reversal of the Heart

From the Cartoon Short "Reversal of the Heart", by Carolyn Christman!

Swan Neck Dragons

They are found in mountainous areas, as seen in the short they can fly to almost any distance, with speed, and strength. They are Black with Different Color Crystals such as Red (Matriarch), Blue, Violet, Green, Yellow, and Indigo.

Serrifas, the queen of the Swan Neck (the matriarch), has horns more longer and outward than the other's showing the most experienced, and the most wisest of the species.

When Serrifas's child was murdered by Prince Sorron, she used a great and powerful Crystal to transform Sorron's betrothed Kyra into a purple Dragon. Since Kyra is Purple and not like the others, she shows more of what a domesticated Dragon is like rather than a wild one.

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