"What a pleasure will it be to hear the screams when I remake this world into my own image"
―The Shredder in New World Order Part 1
Tengu Demon Shredder, also known as ( Oroku Saki,Demon Shredder,Mystic Shredder,Real Shredder and One True Shredder ) is the main antagonists and villan of 4Kids Mirage Cartoon Tv Series TMNT Season 5 he also debuts in a minor role in Season 7 Ep 1 Tempus Fight .Tengu demon in 4Century year 300 AD came forth from some foul-stinky pit and decided to attack Japan the Five Dragons were called forth by there Emperor, the orginal Oroku Saki the member of the Dragons fought alongside his brethern and slew the demon with his sword but demons dark spirit was merged inside of Sakis soul evean when Tengu demons body was destroyded.

But after that he went and called upon his Demon and monster Army that brought Japan in Age of Darknnes.

Only 4 Dragons who woved to defeat his Evil and trained there bodiys and Spirits were abel to become more that just Warriors they became Forces of Nature and they fought againts Demon Shredder by manifasting into there Dragon Spirit avatar Forms and defeated and impirisond Shredder.

With there combined power they striped him of his powers by taking helmeth and gaunlet from him and hinding it in diffrent parts of Japan while his imprisond body was kept within Monistary of Gods,decades and centuries later until the 21 Century in New York he was set free by his loyal servants and heralds Foot Mystics in wich he was defeated by Ninja Turtels who also used there Dragon Forms and he was destroyded forever by balde of Spirit of Hamato Yoshi.This orginal and real Oroku Saki was also inspiration to the main villan of TMNT 2003 Season 1,2,3 and Forver movie the Utrom Shredder aka Chrell.

Demon Shredder
-tengu shredder
Orkou Saki
Orkou Saki
SEASON 7 Tengu Demon Shredder
Tengu Shredder
Demon Tengu
Tengu Demon
Dragon Saki
Dragon Saki
Demon Tengu Shredder
Demon shredder

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