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Tengu Demon Shredder was once a member and brother of Ninja Tribunal aka 5 Dragons but became Evil when Demon Tengu who was lying on the ground who Oroku Saki has defeated tolled him that he chould be God among this insects,he chould have all,be all and that only he needs to do is let Tengu Demon insde his very Soul and so he did and became the Shredder.But after that he went and called upon his Demon and monster Army that brought Japan in Age of Darknnes-only 5 Dragons who trained there bodys and Spirits were abel to become more that just Warriors they became Forces of Nature and they fought againts Demon Shredder by manifasting into there Dragon Spirit avatar Forms and defeated and impirisond Shredder until the 21 Century in New York he wasnt set free by his loyal servants and heralds Elemental Mystics in wich he was defeated by Ninja Turtels who also used there Dragon Forms and he was destroyded forever by Holy Spirit of Hamato Yoshi.
Demon Shredder
-tengu shredder
Orkou Saki
Orkou Saki
SEASON 6 Tengu Demon Shredder
Tengu Shredder
Demon Tengu
Tengu Demon
Dragon Saki
Dragon Saki

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