terrible Terror


Terrible Terrors originated when Persephone was lonely in the Underworld. She created Terrible Terrors to be her pets but she eventually forgot about them and they escaped into the Upper World. So when Terrible Terrors die, their souls go back into the Underworld, to return to where they were created. At first, Terrors were ignored by the Ancient Greeks since the larger dragon breeds came off as a bigger problem but Terrible Terrors got up there with Monstrous Nightmares when they started accidentally spreading the Black Plague in the 1300s. In the 1600s, Terrors started to stowaway on ships and started colonizing in America ... and the rest is history.

Physical Description

Terrible Terrors are about the size of a fat house cat or a beagle. They are commonly bright green but a few are born miscolored (usually red or caribbean blue) and usually have a red stripe running down their back where red spines are. Their horns are red and are only three inches long and it has big yellow eyes that are on the side of their heads. They have periphriel vision but can also see forward. They also have retractable talons and no teeth whatsoever, although when they chameleon, they do have teeth. The fire of a Terrible Terror is so pinpoint accurate, you might as well get hit with a sniper bullet.


Terrible Terrors don't have Riders but they are very loyal to their owners. They're great with kids but you might lose a finger if you pull its tail. The thing about pet abusers that buy Terrible Terrors disguised as pets is that Terrors will immediately reveal themselves and thoroughly attack the pet abuser.

How to Spot a Terrible Terror Disguised as Your Pet

Here is a list of the differences between Terrible Terrors and real cats and dogs:


  • Terrible Terrors will not eat dog food while dogs will.
  • Terrors don't follow commands while dogs will. Although, some Terrors will 'shake' just for their own amusement.
  • Terrors don't bark like dogs, they make a high-pitched bark that all but makes your ears explode.


  • Terrible Terrors love to be scratched even if stray cats don't like it.
  • Terrors can't meow. They make a kind of squeaking noise like a mouse.
  • Terrors don't run away from dogs. Dogs run away from THEM.

From: (again, the real deal Heroes vs. the real deal idiots)

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