The Compendium Of Vampyres & Other Perilous Creatures included numerous Dragons.


They were described as "the most poisonous creatures on Earth". However,a weasel, a cockerel crowing or its reflection could defeat it. It was said that it was hatched from an egg laid by a seven-year old cockerel when Sirius was ascendent. It could take nine years for the spherical egg to hatch and it must be incubated by a toad. They were found in Crete and Libya. It was thought that if a man on horseback struck a cockatrice with a spear, the poison would rise through the spear to kill the man and the horse.


Their Dragons were similar to European Dragons, with the Siberian Ice Dragon resembling a Frost Dragon. African equivalents are part eagle, part she-wolf and have three rows of teeth. In China, they are believed to swallow the sun. They may guard burial chambers and their teeth, if sown, will grow into an army.


The Hydra and Phoenix were also featured briefly. Dracula,the main Vampyre count, has his name deriving from "son of the dragon".

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