The Dragon ( Mushu ) is a charchter and only male Chiness dragon that apears in Disney ABC tv Show ONCE UPON a TIME.The Dragon is a shapeshifting dragon like Maleficant and Lily Page that are in that Tv Show and there True dragon forms changing moments are very based upon Alladin The Animaited Disney cartoon Tv series were Zang and Zing one Evil and Good brother have the magical power through the colorfull smoke to change into Chinese Dragon if Good or Evil side prevails , plus The Dragon is also based upon Jake Long American Dragon Disney cartoon series in wich all dragons are Shapeshifting dragons and reveal there True forms through the colorfull smoke the emits from there bodys.The Dragons body desinge is very much similar to that of cartoon Disney Mushu from Mulan  movies.
The Dragons Human form
Once upon a time

E Upon A TIime ABC Disney live actionT v Show Series C

Chiness dragon species
Lost daughter ,chould be Mulan
only male Chiness Shapeshifting dragon charachter in ABC Disney Tv Show ONCE UPON a TIME

He in Ancient Times ( before Enchanted Forest or Merlin history began in that Disney live action ABC TV Show began ) of China had a daughter but by unknown events lost her its possible that she is still alive and that she is Mulan that has also apeard in this ABC Tv Show.There are only 2 known species of dragon that have apeard in OUAT TV Show: ( The Dragon aka Mushu )male Chines,2 females ( Maleficant and her daughter Liliy Page) and 1 male ( Liliys Father )European ,and there distant cousinis Wyverns in that Disney ABC TV Show.

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