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"I'm Something you left behind, FATHER!!!"

This Dragon is from Norse Mythology, from the epic Poem "Beowulf", and is the final monster that is in this epic tale.And is a Shapeshifting Wyvern dragon and is son of Beowulf and Grendels Mother.


After Beowulf had rid Denmark of Grendel, and his Mother, 20 years after he had to face the Dragon whom was destroying this village he reigned after his uncle died, started when a slave stole a golden cup to buy his freedom, but enraged the dragon.

Beowulf soon went to challenge him in his territory, both fought valiantly, and both had gained scars, but Beowulf had a fatal blow in the neck from the Dragon's bite, while Beowulf stabbed the heart. Both died in the same year, and marked the End of Beowulf's story.

Other Depictions.

The Golden Man/ Dragon from the 2007 version of Beowulf was against the battle of the Poem, it was depicted as Beowulf's son, for not Killing Grendel's mother, and it was more like the actors design, and with Bat and Flying Squirrels. He is the third character like Lord Maliss and Rothbart to change from man to dragon, or in this case wyvern.

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