Joggourmond or Jogurrmond sometimes spelled in Norse Myths and laungage is most commonliy known as Midgard Serpent in Marvel Comics and Norse Myths,and its a Sea Serpent wich resides on Earth ( Midgard ) until Ragnorak ( End of the World or Twilght of the Gods ) when it wil along Fenris Ice Wolf ,Surtur Fire Demon,Fire demon-Frost Giant Army and Nigghog Fire Dragon battle Asgardian Gods and fight Thor the Thunder God and Prince of Asgard,it will bite and poison Thor ,but not before Thor killis it with his Mighty hammer Mjolnir thus both of them die.It mostly swims and resides in oceans and seas in Scandinavia located on Midgard in Nine Realms of Yiggdrasil World Tree,it is one of 4 oldest and powerfull Norse beings:Yimir,Fenris,Nigghog and it self included.

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