In 2003 version of TMNT cartoon Series Season 5 Ninja Turtles are send to train with other human acolyts under guidance of Ninja Tribunal ( formely known as 4 Dragons ) so that they chould become Great Warriors using there Amulets who chould once and for all destroy Evil of Original Tengu Demon Shredder the Ultimate Evil.

In season 5 they with help of there human friends in Japan to

learn to fight with there New mystical and Spirtual powers that has focused them to unleash Turtels and to manifaste there Rare Dragon avatars to fight Shredder in his dragon form.But also Turtels in Season 2 and 3 had to face with Draco a Evil dragon like reptile that wanted to destroy Splinter and Turtles in Battle Nexus Dimension.Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles as Dragons.
Dragon Leonardo
Dragon Michelangelo
Dragon Raph
Donie as Dragon

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