Tokka is an Ancient Volchantian Fire Beast and one of Six Cosmic Monsters .It resides on planet Magdomar and it is a guardian to third piece of Hearth of Darkness.It is described as a Fire- breathing Kaiju ,it is also parent of Chompy Piccaso.
Tokka Flying Out Of Magdomar
Tokka Spitting Lava
Tokka Roaring
Tokka On Top Of Triceraton Destroyer
Tokka Being Attacked By The Triceratons
Tokka 2012 by lullabystars-d9z4z2s
  • History : The Ever Burnning Fire - Tokka was intrusted by Utrom to keep the third fragment of Hearth of Darkness safe with its live.When Tricreatons and turtels come for the fragment,Tokka emerges from lava and engages the Tricreatons.When she hears the cries of her offspring Chompy Piccaso,and turns to find Chompy in the hands of April and Casey,April freely passes Chompy to Tokka saying she is not charging for babysiting.Just as the turtels get fragent free Lord Dregg snatches it and Tokka files into space after him,forcing Dregg to take refuge at Mozars destroyer.Before Tokka chould do anything Mozar fired meteor missiles into nearbay dwarf star before warping out,leaving Tokka to be semingly vaporized by resulting nova blast.

Tokka Vs The World-It turns out that Tokka did survived the supernova blast created by Tricreatons,and discovering that her baby Chompy wasnt with her she set her course to the Turtels homeworld Earth to reaclaim it,knowng that Turtels probaly have him.Her aproach is detected by Earth Protection Force (EPF) satelits,who prepare to deal with her,thinking she is a threat, despite assured by Utrom Ambassador Agent Bishop that Tokka means no harm to Earth,that she has coming her for a reason that they dont know about.Hovever General Griffin deems Tokka as threat ,and on orders from US.President he sends EPF to deal with her,using comandeerd Kraang weaponry to aid there fighters and ground troops.As Tokka deals with EPF as they provoke her into attacking them when she is only looking for her baby Chompy.

Tokkas baby Chompy Picasso Profile

Baby Chompy Piccaso

The Turtels , especial Raphael,are able to get enough close to Tokka so that Raphael can explain to her everything.Tokka realizing that Rapahel only took Chompy under surmise that Tokka was dead and rewards Raph for taking care for Chompy for her since he has proven himself being able to raise him should anything happend to her.With Tokka having made peace with Turtels and leaving Chompy in Raphaels care she departs from Earth to return to her home Magdomar without further problems.

  • Apearrance :- Tokka apears as colosal turtel made of rocks and magma,and had third piece of Hearth of Darkness embeded into her spike shell.

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