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The polls for Round 3 are closed! Vote now in Round 4

Throughout the centuries, in lands far away and forgotten, mankind has battled dragons. Now, from Middle-earth, the Wizarding World, the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and many other realms, the great creatures have gathered to fight one another in an epic battle.

Which dragon will reign supreme? You'll decide in Wikia's Dragon Battle! Vote below for the dragons you'd like to see move on to the next round, and keep checking back to discover if your chosen dragon has advanced.

(Check out Round 1 / Round 2 / Round 3 / Round 5 / )

Round 4 Results:

Smaug (Lord of the Rings) vs. King Ghidorah (Godzilla) - Smaug won with 149 votes
Charizard (Pokémon) vs. Bahamut (Final Fantasy) - Bahamut won with 104 votes

Round 4



Which dragon would win?

The poll was created at 18:02 on December 17, 2013, and so far 409 people voted.



Which dragon would win?

The poll was created at 18:02 on December 17, 2013, and so far 314 people voted.

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