Alduin over Helgen

Alduin main enemy in Skyrim.

are dragons or dragon relations with a configuration of two wings and two legs. They are one of the most commonly seen draconic creatures in medieval literature and are considered to be the most vicious and animal-like of the western dragons and their kin. Wyverns are often described as being unable to breathe fire, and often are possessed of a venomous bite or tail stinger. Among the more famous legends surrounding them is the story of Maud and the Wyvern, the legend of a young girl befriending a wyvern hatchling into its man-eating adulthood. Wyverns are generally considered in such legends, literature and other forms of media to be weaker, less intelligent and ultimately inferior to more powerful dragons. The wyvern is also a common emblem or sigil in heraldry, and has adorned the crowns of such royalty as the rulers of Aragon of the House of Peter IV.

Literary use

Wyverns are mentioned in Dante's Inferno (Canto XVII) as the body for one of his creatures in hell.

Some cryptozoologists have interpreted wyverns as surviving pterosaurs, who existed from the late Triassic to the end of the Cretaceous periode. There are alleged sightings in remote areas of pterosaur-like creatures such as the Kongamato in Africa. They have spiked tails that are venomous.

They are the main enemy in the game The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Alduin is a good example of the main Dragon or Wyvern in Skyrim (Dragons (Skyrim))

Wyverns frequently appear in Monster Hunter games, with the franchise's figurehead being the Wyvern Rathalos

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