Wyverns are 2 leged reptilian cousins of Dragons but they are part of dragon species.This Wyvern has only apeard in ABC Disney Spin-Off series ONCE UPON a TIME in Wonderland in wich it attacked Alice and her team in Season 1 Episode 7 Bad Blood unlike any other dragon that has apeard in ONCE UPON a TIME series this one is 2 leged creature and it dosent breath Firebreath like The Dragon ,Maleficant or Liliy Page do this one breaths only Poision,Toxic or Ice breath. And unlike Dragons, these Wyverns are sapient magical creatures so they have no souls like Dragons do, they are just beasts.
dragon cousin species
male Wyvern dragon
apeard in ABC Disney Spin -Off series ONCE UPON a TIME in Wonderland

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